PROFIBUS-DP Master Simulator

PROFIBUS-DP Master Simulator 4.2

Performs data exchange and processing operations
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Transfer files, folders, and archives, process relevant information from applications and work with GSD-files in the suite. It provides access to the settings with an option to configure user parameters and modifying the work mode. Storing the data is possible.

The PROFIBUS DP Master Simulator is an easy to use software for data exchange with PROFIBUS DP slaves of many suppliers via PROFIBUS. The PROFIBUS DP Master Simulator can exchange data with the PROFIBUS slave even without GSD-file or type-file. The PROFIBUS slave can be put into operation with the default I/O window. Input data can be read and output data can be written. Furthermore the PROFIBUS DP Master Simulator also processes GSD-files. User parameters can be edited and the configuration can be modified and stored. The PROFIBUS station address can be changed as well with the PROFIBUS DP Master Simulator, this is useful for PROFIBUS I/O modules in protection class IP67 without addressing switches.

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